Go Startup or Corporate?

While job searching, you might hit a common fork in the road- whether to take the corporate career track or to choose the startup option. You might’ve heard about the basic differences. Startups offer intimate office spaces and culture while corporate offices are larger and more formal. There’s a chance you’ll run across an office pet or two when you enter the startup scene. Other notable differences between startups and corporate offices include; relaxed training versus structured on-the-job training and minimal potential to rise in the startup company versus a possible promotion to senior management in the corporation.

If you haven’t experienced both types of environments, we are providing a few key points about making the right decision based on your career goals, thanks to a recent Mashable article…

Are You Undecided About Your Dream Career Path?

Try to visualize where you will be in five or even ten years. Can you absolutely say that you know where you belong yet?  Consider the following:

Working for a startup allows you to take on various roles and duties beyond the label of your job description.  Most likely in a startup, you will manage a small team, write training manuals, design flyers to find interns and conduct employee interviews. You will wear many hats and learn to adapt your skills to any given situation, which in the long run will make you a more well-rounded employee.

Choosing a corporate position will probably result in a narrower role within the company structure. You’ll be wedged into completing the tasks associated with the job description. You won’t be pulled in five different departments of the company or have to juggle multiple responsibilities. If you know what you which type of department you are cut out for, then working in a corporate office will probably be a better option.

Now, back to the visualization exercise. Do you see yourself in a startup environment or in a corporate office structure?

You don’t need to know where you belong right away, but if you already have a career goal in mind, don’t waste time! Focus on your end goal and choose the path that aligns with your career destiny. It’s up to you to decide how you will get there and where to start… quite literally.