Every four years, the FIFA World Cup takes place as 32 nations play for the title of the best soccer team in the world. The whole world watches the games, and even during the daytime, people in their offices crowd around a computer monitor or television screen in order to watch which team wins. If your office has watched the World Cup together, there are a few takeaways from observing the competition. From a recent article, here are five specific lessons you can learn from watching the World Cup:


Talent doesn’t always matter as much as we might think. For instance, many people expected Spain to win this year just as they did during the last World Cup. This was due to Spain’s impressive roster of players collected from Real Madrid and Barcelona. Unfortunately for Spain, although they had a huge amount of talent, they exited the competition early after losing to the Netherlands. Spain left the competition early along with England and Italy. These teams leaving shows that talent doesn’t always help you win in the end. As well as in business, talent doesn’t always equal or guarantee success.

When promoting your brand or product, focus on community over the brand or product itself. During the World Cup, huge, international brands have thrived. For example, brands like Snickers, Nike, and Coca-Cola have all emphasized their products in terms of the overall global soccer community in order to sell them. Build a community through the brand and products you have to offer rather then focusing solely on self-promotion tactics.

The underdog can take on big competition. Yes, the big name teams made it into the finals, many of the teams in the knock-out rounds were teams that many believed wouldn’t make it far in the competition.

The significance of scarcity. Although you might think the FIFA World Cup organization would want to increase having the World Cup to every 2 years rather than every 4. The organization understands how relevant being scarce is and this emphasis on relevancy creates a build up of interest as the event nears.

The World Cup provides companies a huge audience to see their products and brands, and also allows these companies to promote themselves through the World Cup global community.