Social Media is a significant factor in today’s business world and it only seems to be growing across industries. Nowadays, businesses need to stay up-to-date and even ahead of social media trends. Social media seems to be evolving by the minute and this means that entrepreneurs more than ever need to occupy themselves with learning about the newest trends. As trends change, your business will need to adjust its social media marketing strategy to keep up. You’ll need to consider switching up your normal social media marketing routine in order to take advantage of the changing social media landscape in the business world.


Social Media Marketing is key to the online visibility of your business.

According to a recent article, there are 5 top social media trends every entrepreneur should be aware of:

Diversify. Don’t depend on a single platform to market your business. For instance, Facebook’s new algorithm makes it difficult for followers to see posts on your company page. Eventually the amount of followers able to view your posts will diminish even further, which only proves why you shouldn’t depend on one profile.

Use Google+. Google+ ranks well on Google because it is a Google product and has a strong ranking algorithm. Using Google+ also allows you to use Google Authorship which will become key to SEO throughout the remainder of the year and beyond. Google Authorship assists the search engine pinpoint out your content, identify it with the correct author, and create a portfolio based on your published articles.

Combine social media, SEO, and content creation strategies. Successful online marketing depends on bringing these elements together in a cohesive way that markets your company the most effectively. You have to consistently add and integrate fresh content into your profiles and then push this content out as much as possible in order to make your business visible online.

Depend on visual content. Marketing your business/product/services to customers depends greatly on these customers’ ability to visualize. Video content is another useful marketing tool to promote products and ideas.

Treat social media as a brand builder. Manage your social media profiles to reflect your brand and with a brand-oriented approach. Using a brand-oriented approach will help your profiles rank higher on Google.

Stick to these social media trends and focus building your brand around them to successfully make your company visible online for consumers to find and learn about. To learn about most effective social media profiles, check out Executive Financial Enterprises’ April Newsletter.