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5 Ways BPO Services Support Business Growth and Productivity

5 Ways BPO Services Support Business Growth and Productivity

EFE Business Process Outsourcing

In terms of increasing both the revenue and productivity of your company, business process outsourcing provides a means to assists companies with multiple services including data entry, book keeping, data conversion, insurance processing, medical or legal transcription, technical support, document scanning, web design and more.

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Choose Your Career Destiny: Part One

Choose Your Career Destiny: Part One



Go Startup or Corporate?

While job searching, you might hit a common fork in the road- whether to take the corporate career track or to choose the startup option. You might’ve heard about the basic differences. Startups offer intimate office spaces and culture while corporate offices are larger and more formal. There’s a chance you’ll run across an office pet or two when you enter the startup scene. Other notable differences between startups and corporate offices include; relaxed training versus structured on-the-job training and minimal potential to rise in the startup company versus a possible promotion to senior management in the corporation.

If you haven’t experienced both types of environments, we are providing a few key points about making the right decision based on your career goals, thanks to a recent Mashable article…

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7 Business-Minded Social Media Strategies

7 Business-Minded Social Media Strategies

Building a successful business requires the implementation of a consistent and strategic social-media marketing campaign. According to a recent article from Entrepreneur.com, most websites depend on social-media for the majority of their sites’ traffic. Whether your website earns enough traffic or not, trying new strategies will only improve your current social-media game plan.


Social-Media Tip 1: Try uniquely formatted tweets by inserting symbols, a unique font or an emoji. You’ll have a better chance catching a reader’s attention by customizing your tweets which will engage followers and encourage retweets.

Social-Media Tip 2: Write, write, write. You’ll need to stick to Twitter’s strict 140-character limit, but other profiles such as Facebook and Google+ allow for much longer posts. Take advantage of the space you have here to write as much engaging content as possible.

Social-Media Tip 3: Invest some time in creating and managing Facebook groups. Use your network to build Facebook groups which allows members to automatically receive notifications about your updates.

Social-Media Tip 4: Consistently post across all of your social-media profiles in order to reach the largest audience possible. Don’t stop at Twitter. Post on Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. Promote posts for one profile on your other social media profiles.

Social-Media Tip 5: Don’t be scared to be post creative and quirky content. You’ll want to inform your audience about your brand, but never in a boring way!

Social-Media Tip 6: Keep the conversation going across your profiles. When users engage and comment on your posts, make sure to respond. This will generate more activity, interest and facilitate relationships between members of your audience and your brand.

Social-Media Tip 7: Stick to positivity for more retweets and shares. More than likely, if your tweets and posts are informative, engaging and uplifting, social-media users will follow your profiles and re-share your content.

Executive Financial Enterprises is a woman–owned company located in Hollywood, California. On its blog page, EFE Inc strives to provide the latest information on social media, entrepreneurship and marketing. Thank you for visiting! Please visit us on Twitter to learn more.

Executive Financial Enterprises is committed to increasing your cash flow while reducing your DSO and cost of collections. Our professional team will maintain the goodwill of your company in the process.

Welcome to Executive Financial Enterprises’ site! We were listed as “An agency to watch” by Faulkner and Grey Publications, while also receiving the honor of the National Leadership Award by the Business Advisory Council. We were listed as “An agency to watch” by Faulkner and Grey Publications, awarded a top woman-owned company by Diversity Business.com and listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 most dependable collection professionals in The United States.

Executive Financial Enterprises, an international business process outsourcer & accounts receivable company for more than 20 years, was awarded a top woman-owned company by Diversity Business.com and listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 most dependable collection professionals in The United States. EFE Inc. can assist you in all areas of your receivables and debt recovery process- from invoicing to customer service to collections and judgment execution.  We have state of the art technology that is premier in the industry.  One of the principals of the company is an attorney and our national litigation program is monitored to the highest standards.

All of our employees receive ongoing training in negotiating strategy. Our follow-up and ability to accelerate your cash flow, while maintaining the client relationship is the finest in the industry. In today’s competitive business environment, you can rely on us to be a partner that fosters and assists you in growing your business.

Executive Financial Enterprises has one of the most experienced staffs in the industry. Every member of our staff is thoroughly trained by our legal experts. As such, all members of our staff are skilled negotiators who also possess a thorough understanding of the laws governing our industry. We conduct ongoing training in all areas of receivable operations.

Our staff is departmentalized according to industry type. We represent companies across all industries, including the healthcare, manufacturing, publishing, telecommunications, financial and banking sectors. You will benefit from having a group of professionals dedicated to your business specialty.

We are outsourcing leaders in the industry in developing strategies to increase your cash flow by cutting your company’s operational expenses.This program works to utilize our resources and negotiation tactics in order to collect any of our client’s past due receivables.


  • The Order to Cash solution works to improve your company’s cash flow, fuel cost savings, reduce DSO, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • We use our attorney network to file suits on behalf of your company as well as maintain and organize your legal files.